Hummingbird Eco Retreat

Designed with the environment in mind – guests at the Eco Retreat embrace a ‘greener’ style of accommodation. The semi-permanent deluxe eco tents, cabins, campground and facilities incorporate eco-friendly practices which ensure environmentally sustainable management of the natural and cultural values of one of the most ancient landscapes on earth.

29 wooden cottages, generously dotted across 19 hectares of forest, reward guests with an experience that is both unique and completely in touch with nature. They offer flexible and secluded accommodation to both couples and families, and provide the perfect foil to a stress-free vacation, far away from the troubles of the modern world.

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Who says opulence can’t be environmentally friendly? The highly photogenic premises is known for its iconic garden wall bordering its 25-meter lap pool. But what impresses us most about ourselves are our sustainability efforts. This boutique resort teams up with scenery to create charcoal from its organic waste and finds innovative, chemical-free ways to eliminate toxins from its rooms and gardens. Bravo!

There is a coral reef close to the shore to explore. This can be done by snorkeling & kayaking. The resort has english speaking, knowledgeable, local guides who can help you get the most out of exploring nearby islands & reefs by longtail boat.